Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Bear's Winter House

S asked to read "The Bear's Winter House"  by John Yeoman and Quentin Blake (ISBN 978-1-84270-916-0). 

After finishing the story he wanted to make a house/ den too. I drew his attention to the plan bear makes of his house and S asked to make a plan too.

A quickly follows saying "bear house, bear house".

Having started to learn letters at school since September, S started by making a list of what bear needed, "sticks, moss, leaves".

He then drew the house. (Photo upside down)

We went outside to have a go at building the house. We were on holiday so I didn't have a toy bear to use in the play. We used the boys' owls instead.

Trying it out for size.

"We need moss mummy, the bear needs moss".

A finished house.

The boys loved building on a large scale, the achievement of moving huge logs around and working out how to balance and prop them up safely. The fact that they could use the shelter made it more exciting. They could also see which logs needed moving to enable them to move around inside. 

Who would you build a house for?

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