Sunday, 1 November 2015


Several weeks ago a good friend of mine bought me this fantastic set for my birthday, comprising of a wooden clamp and three screws to make hole in conkers.

S at 4 years could very easily unscrew the top of the holder, drop the conker inside and tighten to clamp it in place. He then perserved and twisted the screwing device round and round to make a hole through the conker. This worked particularly well when the conkers were freshly fallen, harder conkers are obviously more difficult to penetrate.

Having a bowl of freshly holed conkers opened up many possibilities for creating. Threading seemed a natural way to use the conkers and so we started to thread them onto pipe cleaners. When the holes were made with the largest screw A, at 2 years, could push it through independently.

S was keen to thread too - he is what he came up with.

If left outside - be warned - by the next morning only numbers 3 and 4 remained entacted.

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