Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Spice scented paint

Spice scented paint

S has been captivated by the Hindu festival of Diwali this week. 

As part of exploring the food often eaten during this celebration we gravitated towards the aromatic spices that adorn beautiful, flavoursome dishes. 

We looked in our store cupboard and found an array of spices. We mixed the spice in a small jar with some water to get a paint-like consistency.

The smell was tremendous and filled the whole kitchen as the boys stirred and then transferred the perfumed paste onto the paper.

Lots of vocals came with the painting "swish, dot, dot, dot, splat" says S. 

A copied "dot, dot, dot." He then picked up two brushes.

Th scent of the finished pictures remained until morning to remind us of our sensory paining experience. 

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