Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Leaf Colours

After exploring our Autumn leaves - making pictures and  creating sculptures and sharing stories such as "Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf" by Lois Elhert (ISBN 0-15-266197-2) we tried to recreate some  autumnal colours using paint.

However - instead of intially using brushes we used a salad spinner.

S squirted paint into a cardboard leaf shape which we tacked to the bottom of the spinner.

We put on the lid and then began to spin. This is also a great gross motor activity for young children.

Once we removed the lid we could see the paint distribute over the leaf.

After making several using different shaped leaves and colour combinations we used fine brushes to pick up an residue in the bottom of the spinner to paint onto some leaves themselves. 

We displayed our leaves on the window once dry. What methods have you used to create autumnal colours?

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