Friday, 11 December 2015

Retelling the Christmas Story through rice pictures

A and I were exploring a Christmas sensory tin which contained yellow coloured rice, present bows, chocolate coins, and a selection of golden decorations at the weekend.

Retelling the Christmas Story through rice pictures

Some of the rice spilt onto the blanket i had laid on the floor for catching such spillages. I unintentionally moved the tin and some spilt grains of rice formed "a circle Mummy".

This was not an intention of this activity but inspired us to create some Christmas pictures using the rice. At first we watched a clip on "Let's Celebrate" a children's show on the CBeebies channel.

We then used some Christmas cookie cutters as a template for our pictures, sprinkling in the rice and carefully lifting them up to reveal a picture.

What other ways have you used to retell the Christmas story?

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