Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Theatre - "Father Christmas" by Raymond Briggs

On Sunday we spent the morning in London watching a production of Raymond Brigg's "Father Christmas" (ISBN 0723277974) at The Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith.

Recreating theatre at home
I was particularly excited about the production because the Time Out review mentioned "In an original twist, Kate Adams performs the music and sound effects live on stage, perched in an attic-style room above the action. She rattles maracas when Father Christmas (Vic Llewellyn) shakes salt on his breakfast, whistles when the kettle boils and becomes a well-spoken radio voice reporting snowy weather." Lucie Horton Time 2/09/15

I knew S would love to see the music and it did not disappoint. The show was in the Studio at the Lyric - a small, cosy setting the the closest the boys had been to a stage show.

 Our attention was split between the routines and rituals of Father Christmas and the musical sound effects - the pouring of water in to a jug whilst  Father Christmas ran the tap was particularly superb.

We had the book with us too and A spent a significant part of the tube journey reading. S was planning all the things he would need to re enact the show.

Once home S gathered props and started moving furniture around.

Feeding the reindeer.

The outside toilet.

The play continued the next day with a gathering of sound makers and musical instruments a Saxaphone, the guitar as a ukulele substitute, shakers and maracas. The piano was also included in the recital.

It was fantastic to see the boys processing the play they had seen in their own play - adapting and using resources and props to do so. The hardest thing is to decide which show to see next year!

How have you recreated visual arts and music at home?

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