Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Turner's Watercolours - painting in the cafe

One of our most frequently visited museums is The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. 

They are currently showing a watercolour exhibition which includes some less often seen pictures by Turner. 

After spending some time looking at the pictures; the colours, shapes and identifiable objects (horses are always popular for the boys to look for) we went to the cafe and had a go ourselves. What was so fabulous was the short space of time between seeing the real things and having a go ourselves. Obviously we would not cause any harm to the gallery or paintings but whilst waiting for our delicious lunch to arrive we whipped out some paper, a tin of watercolours and a couple of pots into which I poured some water from the one the boy's drinks bottles, and we had a go.

A's face sums it all up - excitement and wonder as the brush passed over the paper leaving a watery coloured trail.

Being watercolours they had dried by the time we had finished our lunch. The whole kit was easily packed into my handbag and we went on our way, stopping to photograph our master pieces next to the watercolour stand in the shop - the closest we could get to photographing the real pictures!

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