Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Flower Art
"A Flower Playground" by S.
Following on from our Fantastic Friday Sand pictures we continued to explore some temporary art using flowers. On a wet English summer's day we used the sun as our inspiration after reading the book "'Wow' Said the Owl" by Tim Hopgood (ISBN 978-0-230-70104-5).

We began by making some flower head dresses. This came about after a conversation we had about using wire to join things when I was mending S's umbrella with some jewellery making wire. He was intrigued by the snips and pliers and asked what else we could use it for. I gave some examples of using wire, including floristry so when we got the flowers ready later in the day it seemed a natural to use the wire to join some together. (Note there may be sharp ends from the wire, use cautiously with children.)

We then gathered our flowers - supermarkets or flower stalls often sell flowers cheap when they are need their use by date.

As a platform for our sun pictures we used a silver placemat, partly because it was circular but also as a way of confining the flowers.

The boys were very excited to select their own flowers.

A built his picture upwards in a 3D effect.

S started with simple shapes

 but soon added his own thoughts. "I need dark ones now. I'm going to put some inside."

We made the link between our sand pictures being washed away by the sea to us putting the flowers back into the basket and starting something new or different.

S was excited by this prospect and went on to create 7 or 8 different pieces over the afternoon - each one with a story attached to it.

"This is a flower playground...I need a bench in it".

"It's a show all about flowers." S added some mini people to his show.

A followed suit.

"Look Nanny, flowers".

The final flower pictures ended with bugs and insects on them - a lovely home, don't you agree?

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