Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Cornflour Paint - exploring colour mixing

S wanted to make some grey paint because he will be in the grey squirrel group at school this September. We talked about what colours we would need and after deciding on white and black we spent a morning colour mixing using food colouring and cornflour paint. There was no particular end purpose other than making grey, although S chose to do some grey hand prints (for a squirrel's tail). Both boys had a lot of fun with high levels of involvement squirting in the colouring, mixing, stirring and watching the colours change. We talked about shades and how we could make light and dark grey by adding more or less black colouring to the white paint. 

Cornflour paint recipe
2 cups cornflour/ corn starch
1 cup cold water
4.5 cups boiling water (adult supervision and involvement is advised)

Stir together to make a fabulous silky, quite thick paint. Allow to cool if needed.

We then divided the big bowl into smaller pots, added drops of food colouring and watched what happens.

Excess paint can be kept in the fridge for a period of time to use another day.

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