Friday, 14 August 2015

Fantastic Friday - Sand Pictures

A weekly series entitled "Fantastic Friday" which celebrates the spontaneous, creative thinking of S and A. 

Whilst playing on the North Norfolk beach this summer, S started to make marks in the sand with his spade. What was so beautiful about this was that it came completely from himself, with no prompting. 

"Guess what I am drawing mummy?" 

It's here I took a moment to pause before answering. I am very aware, particularly with boys, that they can easily be put off or become negative if they think they have 'done it wrong'. What I try and instill in the boys and my children at school is that there are often multiple possibilities to drawings and stories and there is no right or wrong answer. A phrase I often use is "tell me about it" which is open and encourages a dialogue about the creation.

To this S replied "it's a tent with a flag." I could then talk about how the lines and shapes he used showed me that it was a flag whilst also dropping in some other possibilities such as "it also looks like a hat I have, which has a ribbon on the top." "Oh yes mummy, it could be, what else?" Our conversation continues as further shapes are drawn. 

A long snake's head.

A very tall tree, including roots. 

Train track between two holes we had dug. 

S's own version of hopscotch.

A was keen to join in too. He thought a cake I had drawn looked like a crab but it needed arms so he added them on "two arm mummy".

What would you draw in the sand?

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